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Online shopping has proven to be one of the most efficient ways to buy products and services quickly. As a result, it’s no surprise that many businesses are taking their wares into the world of eCommerce. However, its popularity means it is difficult for your business and your products to stand out amongst your competitors. This blog will walk you through tips and tricks from industry experts to help ensure that your eCommerce product descriptions are helpful and articulate for your customers.

Create customer profiles

For any business, understanding your audience is essential. It would be best to create clear customer personas and how your products can benefit that specific consumer. Understanding your target audience means pinpointing what appeals to them and discussing that in your eCommerce product description.

Include specifics in your eCommerce Product descriptions

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You should include a chart with the sizes of the product. Using a chart makes it easier for your customers to picture your products and sizes. You can even help customers visualise your products by using professional product photography and graphics such as infographics, a common technique by Amazon marketplace sellers. Providing clear information about your product’s sizes can reduce your returns rate. Providing clear information through photos and graphics can also mean less communication between yourself and customers. As a result, this helps save you time and money.

Search engine optimisation

Utilise search engine optimisation to create a list of keywords related to your product and its uses. Creating a keyword list means your product’s web page might rank better than your competitors on Google to ensure customers visit your site before your competitors. You can find relevant keywords to your products and business by using the similar web or SEM Rush. In addition, ensure that your eCommerce product description is easily readable and accessible for your customers by using words that are easy to understand; you can double-check your readability and SEO using plugins like Yoast.

Honesty is the best policy.

Whilst emphasising your product’s unique selling points, it’s also important not to get carried away and lie. Over exerting what your product does in its description can encourage buyers to buy your product. However, it also can lead to customers misunderstanding what your product can do; that will cost your business in the long run. Not only can exaggerating your product can damage the trust between your business and your customers. In addition, misleading your customers can lead to returns, which costs you precious time and money.

If you sell second-hand products, you must highlight any damage or faults in your product descriptions and images. This is because second-hand buyers are aware of the risks of buying products that could be damaged. As a result, being transparent about your product is essential as it will positively affect the number of sales you receive and highlight how trustworthy you are as a seller.

If you’re selling clothes, for example, inform your customers about what sizes of a particular product are available. Your customers are likely to shop with you again if they don’t have any issues with your product and need to return what they purchase.

Show and Tell

The eCommerce product description for your products isn’t the first thing your customers come across. It would help if you made an excellent first impression with eye-catching product photography of your products. After your product’s made a good impression, customers will read the description of your product. Your products deserve clear, high-quality product photography. As a result, hiring a professional product photographer helps ensure you get the best photos possible.

High-quality photography not only show all of your product’s details, but high-quality photography also helps set your products apart from the competition. Consider how your eyes would be drawn to the ones with the best photos, even if it isn’t a conscious choice.

Learn more about professional product photography advice here.

Unique Selling Points

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Bring attention to what sets your business apart from your competitors by using your eCommerce Product descriptions to showcase your unique selling points. Perhaps the unique selling points could be various colour options or the materials used. Make your unique selling points stand out, so your customers know.

Product description

Your eCommerce product description isn’t what your customers see first will see when viewing your products. However, thanks to eye-catching professional product photography, it is beneficial to make an excellent first impression with your customers. Once your business has made a good impression, your customers will read the description of your products. You’ll want to use clear, high-quality product photography to showcase your products the best. Hiring a professional photographer to ensure you get this right is a good choice if you don’t have enough experience in high-quality product photography.

Using high-quality images shows all of your product’s details and sets your products apart from your competition. 

Unique Selling Points

Bring attention to what sets your business apart from your competitors by using your eCommerce Product descriptions to showcase your unique selling points. Perhaps the unique selling points could be various colour options or the materials used. Make your unique selling points stand out, so your customers know.

Layout and Grammar

If your product descriptions have spelling mistakes and grammar mistakes, it can be offputting for customers as it is unprofessional and, as a result, can make your business seem untrustworthy. You can use programmes such as Grammarly to double-check spelling and grammar before your product description is published.


This article has provided many considerations for your eCommerce product description. As a result, it can result in your product description being quite lengthy. However, you can put together a good layout that can help ensure all of your product’s critical information is readable. You should use bullet points to put the key selling points about your product at the beginning of the description. Finally, utilise a graph/chart for the product sizing to stand out.

Writing eCommerce product descriptions can be a challenging endeavour, but it’s much easier to write the next once you’ve written one with a good template as a starting point. We recommend writing multiple versions and asking for feedback from co-workers or friends/family to see which ones work best for your products; you can always redraft and rewrite. 

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