How to Improve the Quality of Your Social Media Videos.

social media videos
social media videos

Social media videos make up a big chunk of consumer internet traffic and this is only going to continue to grow with the popularity of sites like Tiktok. Almost every platform online now supports video content and often prioritises it within the algorithm of it’s feed for its viewers. Videography can be as simple as picking up your mobile phone camera and utilising built in editing software that many sites offer, like tiktok and instagram to name a few. 

But how can you improve the quality of your content and get ahead of your competitors? This article will help outline some helpful information to ensure you can utilise video content to the best of your ability. 

Research Research Research 

Look into what already exists out there. Many social media platforms rely on repetitive trends to appeal to their existing audiences. Tiktok is possibly the best example of this, as trends fuel content on the platform no matter what the niche is. This is evident in the use of the same sound for hundreds if not thousands of videos. Trends can refer to the use of a specific audio, a dance, a running joke format or even fun challenges. Look into what your competitors do to market their products and how effectively it works for them. 

Plan Ahead 

Ensure you have everything in place before shooting. Expect the worst and have a plan in place. Mistakes can be costly especially if you are renting equipment/hiring actors etc. Ensure you have all the footage you need and more before packing up and moving on too. The last thing you need is to find out you need additional footage during the editing process as you will need to reorganise equipment and actors for reshoots which can be awkward to reschedule. Ensure your budget reaches to cover everyone who will make the video too. You may need additional staff for holding sound equipment, makeup and everything else that occurs behind the scenes. Know exactly what you need from your shoot before going into it. 


Your camera will be the most important element when it comes to ensuring professional quality. Some camera phones can produce high quality recording but they do have their limitations and may not be suitable for higher end results. Investing in a good camera is definitely worth it if you intend on consistently putting out video content. You may also want to weigh up the costs of additonal equipment to see if hiring a professional who will already incoporate these costs would be more finacially effective. 

The camera, athough arguably the star of the show, is not the only required equipment. It will only get you so far, without the other necessary equipment. Lighting is key to insuring your product is photographed clearly and with the correct lighting you can achieve professional high quality imagery. One of the other things to consider is the audio, audio can be make or break with videography. Cameras more often than not can be very bad quality. It is best to use an external microphone to record any audio.

Should you film landscape or portrait?

Landscape used to be the most popular format. This is because it allows more to be on display but social media videos have begun to convert more content to portrait just because it fits a mobile phone much more efficiently. You’ll want to keep in mind the platform your content is intended for before recordings.


We hope that these pointers will help you improve your videos to further your marketing campaign. Planning ahead and using the best equipment for your budget you can get exceptional results.

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