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White background jewellery photography is one of the most common ways jewellers showcase their jewellery for online sales. However, they can make a webpage appear bland and always stress those unique selling points. This article will talk you through the multiple options when showing off your product and setting yourself apart from competitors.

Lifestyle Jewellery Photography

Lifestyle photography is one of the most popular alternatives to white background photography. For example, lifestyle jewellery photography can showcase your jewellery in its natural setting, such as a vanity table or bedroom. Or you can use lifestyle jewellery photography to showcase your jewellery alongside props that reflect your jewellery’s theme.

Lifestyle jewellery photography can also showcase the unique manufacturing process your jewellery has. Depending on your jewellery’s unique selling point, your photographer will help create a way of bringing attention to the USP.

Product Videography

Utilising videography is a great way to showcase every detail in your jewellery. Videography can showcase the intricate details and engraving your jewellery has. In addition, videography allows your viewers to see the stones and metals used in your jewellery catch the light, which jewellery photography would not usually allow.

Jewellery videography allows online customers to have the immersive experience you have when shopping in-store, making it perfect for eCommerce use. Videography also helps your jewellery stand out on a webpage due to the motion as it catches the customers’ eye. So they’re incredibly beneficial from an SEO point of view. As a result, videos will improve your rankings online and get you more exposure than your competitors. Videos also make great content shared on social media like Tiktok and Instagram.

Colour backdrop Jewellery Photography


When customers are shopping around online, they’ll often use the shopping tab on Google. The shopping tab will list thousands of white background product images from different websites. It’s always best to keep initial product photos straightforward by using white background photography. Photos with many props and colourful backgrounds can be confusing and often ignored because the product is not the main focus. It’s best to save these for additional photos) But you can help yourself stand out by utilising a colourful backdrop.

Colours are another great way to ensure you get the proper reaction from your customers. A customer’s mood can differ based on the colours they see. For example, if you sell your jewellery for weddings or engagements, pale pink relates to love and romance and complements silver and gold. So it’s best to research which colours would suit your jewellery best.

Model Photography


Using model photography is a perfect way of showing how well your jewellery pairs with other pieces, making it a fantastic organic advertising technique. In addition, using model photography allows you to show entire collections in one photo; customers can get a better idea of sizing. For example, customers can see the length of a necklace looks when worn or the size of a gemstone on a ring.

Using models also subconsciously encourages your customers to imagine themselves wearing the jewellery. Showcasing your jewellery in a real-life setting can bring your jewellery to life in the way white background photography cannot.

360 Degree photography

360-degree photography is sure to set you apart from the competition. It’s far more immersive than standard eCommerce, which many customers miss when online shopping instead of the in-store experience. Again, much like videography, 360-degree photography allows you to show your product’s details and angles fully. However, unlike videography, the customer can view every aspect of your jewellery at their own pace to see the separate angles more clearly.

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