Creating Interesting Props For Product Photography

Female Photographer shooting Product Photography with props
Female Photographer shooting Product Photography with props

It is ideal for keeping your lifestyle product photography refreshing and enjoyable; however, it can be challenging to achieve. Therefore, we have compiled a list of prop ideas to ensure your products get the best photography in this blog.

Use your product’s ingredients as props

Water background by MO STUDIOS prop ideas
MO Studios

Showcase your product’s ingredients to show your audience what goes into making it visually. Product photos are the primary element your potential customers will encounter when viewing your products. You can grab attention immediately by showing them what they might miss by ignoring the description or ingredients list. 

Serving suggestions

Are you selling an edible product? Show how your product can be used visually by showing it in a completed dish. Showcasing how customers can use your product is an excellent way for your potential customers to have ideas on how to utilise your product and how delicious it looks outside the packaging.

Create a background using props

Thanks to the props, if your product has especially busy packaging or multiple parts, it can be challenging to create exciting photos without losing focus on your product. Choosing the right background is essential. You can create intriguing product backgrounds using water or fabric to create an inviting photo without focusing on your product.

Hand Models

Hand model for product photography props
MO Studios

Suppose your product’s packaging is considered busy or has multiple parts. In that case, it can be challenging to create exciting product photography without your customers losing focus of your product to the props used. Therefore, choosing the right background becomes critical. For example, you can create creative product backgrounds using water or fabric to create an inviting photo without focusing on your product.


You can create a tutorial to show the steps to using your product by using several photos or even create a 3-second video of it in use. Then, answer any questions about your product before the customer reaches the description and show precisely how easy your product is to use.

Translating a brand

If your products are considered luxury items, consider how to showcase your item alongside props that support your luxury. For example, include props in the background that support that luxury feeling. Similarly, if your audience is children, it is better to utilise bright and bold colours and shapes to entice a younger audience.

Utilise Colour in your props

Firstly, research what colours you want to be associated with your brand. For example, yellow and orange evoke hunger, making them great as a background for food products. At the same time, blue suppresses the appetite; therefore, it would be less effective. Choose colours that evoke the feeling you want your potential customers to feel and pick props based on those colours.

What do you think about these prop ideas? Let us know in the comments.

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