Recommended Online Marketplaces For Jewellery Sales

Model jewellery photography by MO Studios
Model jewellery photography by MO Studios
MO Studios

With technology becoming more accessible, selling jewellery online has been easier than ever. Moreover, there are suitable platforms for selling jewellery for any sized business. As a result, there are online marketplaces in the e-commerce market for you and your business.

Why Should You Start Selling Jewellery Online

As information and online shopping have become more accessible for people worldwide, it’s becoming easier to purchase products online. So naturally, purchasing products online include jewellery products as well. Thanks to technology, people expect everything we need to be available at our fingertips. Amazon, in particular, is the reason for this due to the next day delivery and the ability to find anything you need on Amazon. People are spending less time shopping in-store as it requires much more effort than using a quick search on Google or Amazon. As a result, if your business is not branching out, you are missing out on a wide range of potential customers and the chance of boosting your jewellery sales.

Where can you branch out online?

Selling jewellery can be challenging to determine where you will flourish best. This blog will mention various online marketplaces platforms that you can utilise.

Selling jewellery on Etsy

If your pieces are small, one-of-a-kind handmade pieces, we recommend putting your jewellery on Etsy. Etsy allows sole traders or smaller businesses with a few owners to share the same Etsy account and manage sales. However, Etsy is strictly for handmade jewellery pieces only and breaching this rule can result in Etsy shutting down your account.

Jewellery is one of Etsy’s largest selling markets. As a result, many potential customers are drawn to Etsy when they search for new jewellery, making it a perfect platform to start selling your jewellery pieces.

Amazon & eBay Marketplace

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Amazon and eBay are the perfect marketplace for any business, no matter the size. In addition, Amazon and eBay are good marketplaces if you want to take away the hassle of website management.

However, both Amazon & eBay have their advantages and disadvantages and have their differences. Amazon’s online marketplaces have a lengthy setup process for Jewellers that produce fine jewellery pieces. The lengthy setup process ensures that you sell authentic jewellery pieces to customers. The Amazon marketplace also requires a setup fee. Despite the inconvenience this brings, Amazon helps reassure customers that your business and its products are trustworthy.

While eBay is straightforward and accessible, it brings a very different audience than Amazon’s marketplace. eBay is much simpler to use as a marketplace. As a result, eBay is the perfect place for individuals to sell costume jewellery and one of a kind pieces due to eBay’s bidding function. eBay is recommended to auction off vintage pieces online as it reaches a vast audience. In addition, putting up listings is fast and straightforward compared to the processes you need to list with Amazon.

Jewellery e-commerce on Shopify

Suppose you already have an established customer audience thanks to your in-store location or social media presence. Why not set up your online store with its unique webpage using Shopify? Shopify is relatively simple to use if you already have web design skills. If not, you could employ a company like MO Studios to help you with your Shopify site.

With Shopify, you have complete management of your jewellery listings; you can adjust how your web page looks to tailor it entirely to your brand.

Now you have selected a platform, do you have what it takes to put together a good listing?

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