How To Use Lifestyle Photography Effectively

Hand model photography alternative to white background photography

Whilst white background photography can ensure the focus is on your product, it also limits the imagination. That’s where lifestyle photography comes into play. Lifestyle photography brings your customers into the world of your product, helping them imagine using your product using Lifestyle photos.

Hand model photography alternative to white background photography
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Creating a particular mood With Lifestyle Photography

Lifestyle photos give your customers a better idea of your brand’s vibe and feel. In addition, lifestyle photos provide a real-life example of what it would look like to own your product. To illustrate, you can get across the idea that your product is luxury by utilising props that suggest “luxury”. For example, champagne bottles or diamonds often relate to luxury. By adding these as props to your shoot, audiences will infer that your item is high quality.

For example, we conducted a photography session that gives a historical, classic vibe with the element of luxury. We did this by utilising moody lighting with aged whiskey and mythology books imagery. This way, we got across the idea that these wallets were a luxury items. Whilst also incorporating the concept of aged leather that is long-lasting and utilises historical methods using the manufacturing process.

Without words, we have already told the story of this product visually and created interest for potential customers.

Utilising Your Product’s Elements With Lifestyle Product Photography

Another way lifestyle photos can tell a story is via ingredients. Many natural cosmetic brands favour this style of lifestyle shot. It can visually show what customers may miss within the description. It can also evoke memories of certain fragrances. You can immediately understand how this product smells and its relaxing effect from the colour scheme and props in this shoot.

But how can you utilise lifestyle shots?

You can use lifestyle shots in many different ways. First, they make great social media content. Think about any images you’ve seen of products on Instagram, as they are almost entirely all lifestyle photography. Products on Instagram does this because white background shots can only say so much about your product. It is simpler to gain info from an image in a world influenced by social media than read an article. Therefore, it is essential to visually point out your unique selling points like ingredients or manufacturing processes.

Lifestyle photography can also be good to decorate your web page for banners. Or even provide images within blog posts that discuss using your product or making your products.

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How would you use lifestyle photos to showcase your products? Let us know in the comments.

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