Common Issues That Photographers Have To Deal With

Digital Camera with manual camera mode

Photography is an incredibly rewarding career. From capturing wedding memories, and decorating web pages to creating art, there are so many different paths you can take to turning this fabulous hobby into a fruitful career. However, like every career, it does come with its challenges and difficulties. This article will cover some of the daily challenges photographers face and how you can overcome them.

Digital Camera with manual camera mode photographers lenses

Issue 1: Cameras & Camera Equipment Are Expensive

Cameras can be very expensive, as can future cameras you will buy if your current camera breaks or requires repairs. Then there is additional equipment, like lenses, tripods, memory cards, lighting and much more. Photography will require quite a large investment on equipment off the bat so it is a good idea to put together a stable budget before you dive in. A good way of ensuring replacements don’t cost your entire wage is insurance. By insuring your gear, you can limit those financial damages and ensure you continue making profit.

Issue 2: Blurry Photography

Learning camera settings can be difficult to get the hang of. As a result of not understanding your camera settings you can get blurred patches or just plainly unappealing photos. (It could also be the result of dirty lenses, try to keep your fingers away from the glass and clean your lenses regularly.) Blurred images can also be caused by camera shake, a result of your camer not being stable.

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Issue 3: Incorrect Coloring In Your Photography

Colours can be altered by lighting and how your camera picks up the object. This can be difficult for product photographers as you’ll want the object to look as accurate as possible in camera. Improper colour balance settings can cause problems like this. Therefore it is key to adjust these settings and get the colour balance correct in camera.

Issue 4: Grainy, Foggy, or Noisy Images

High sensitivity modes can lead to photos taking on a grainy texture which can be utilised in artistic photography, but for professional high quality images it can bring down the quality. This again is a result of the image not being processed correctly due to incorrect settings.

Issue 5: Improper White Balance

White balance can be make or break for the appearance of a photo. It can make the photos look too dark or white afterwards. It is easiest to fix this in camera than it is in the settings. 

Issue 6: Over or Under Exposure Settings

From Exposure Guide

Manual mode can cause issues when it comes to exposure. Underexposed images can appear very dark and vice versa, this can be fixed in settings. These settings will vary from shoot to shoot so it is key that you get used to this. 

Issue 7: Dark Spots

Shooting indoors can create a dark environment. This can in turn cause dark sports or noise. You can adjust using the flash and or enabling night mode. A good lighting set up can also produce even results too. 

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