Alternatives To White Background Photography

Female Photographer shooting Product Photography with props

White background jewellery photography provides an excellent way for a business to showcase jewellery products online. However, using only white background jewellery photography can make a webpage appear bland and may not be able to showcase your product’s unique selling points. This blog will talk you through the multiple options when showing off your jewellery product and setting yourself apart from competitors.

Lifestyle Jewellery Photography

lifestyle alternative to white background photography

Props and backdrops are one of the easiest way to emphasise a product and create a distinct brand using colours and imagery. This can often be done in the form of lifestyle photography. Lifestyle often features the product in its “natural” habitat. This could be shampoo bottles shown in a bathroom for example. Some options you have for jewellery could be the inside of a jewellery box, a night stand or vanity table. 

Another option for lifestyle photography is to show it alongside its manufacturing process on a jewellery smiths bench or perhaps in a design studio. 

Product Videos

Videography is a completely immerse method to showcasing your jewellery products. Videography highlights those tinier more intricate features like engravings or small gemstones. Furthermore, by incorporating movement into the equation you can show off how metals and unique stones catch the light in a way that isnt possible when using traditional photography.  

Jewellery product videography allows online customers to have an immersive viewing experience that customers recieve when shopping in person. Motion can stand out much more on a static webpage too. This is because the eye will spot movement before they see anything else subconciously. Videography content is also brilliant for SEO, as it provides additional helpful content. Improving your SEO score will help you beat the competition and get more views from potential customers. Videos also provide more content to share on your social media platforms. Especially popular sites like TikTok. 

Colour backdrop Jewellery Photography

Customers will often source their products via the shopping tab when comparing prices and such. The google shopping tab lists thousands of different options from different websites. Which can make it difficult to stand out. Primary images should be kept simple, this is why you shouldn’t use those brilliant lifestyle images you have as first images. So how can you stand out?

Why not try a colout backdrop? Keep the focus on the product itself but stand out amongst all of the other white background shots. Colour can also influence how your customers react to the product itself. Learn more about colour psychology right here.

Model Photography

model photography alternative to white background lifestyle

Model photography is perfect for showcasing how well your jewellery products pair with other clothing and jewellery pieces. As a result, this makes model photography a fantastic organic advertising technique. You can also show entire collections in one photo; customers can get a better idea of sizes. In this way, customers can see how a necklace looks on when it is worn or how large a gemstone is on a ring.

Using models also encourages your customers to visualise themselves wearing the product. Photographying your jewellery in a naturalistic setting can make your pieces seem more realistic and lifelike. 

360 Degree photography

Create an immersive experience with 360 photography. Again, much like videography, 360-degree photography allows you to showcase all your jewellery’s angles and details. Customers can view your jewellery at their own pace, unlike videography, so they can see the different angles clearly.

Your eCommerce site can include additional jewellery photos in a variety of ways. Therefore, figuring out which option is best for your company can be challenging. MO Studios offer a wide range of tailor-made photography and videography services for jewellery photography and videography. It would be a pleasure for MO Studios to assist you in discussing your ideas and helping you to bring them to life. Get in contact here.

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